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  • The word yoga is of ancient Sanskrit root with multiple meanings. It can mean “way” or “method,” “remedy” or “cure.”

  • Often Yoga is said to refer to the act of “yoking,” uniting, to join together. Allowing us to experience deep connection to things we tend to see as separate or opposite (mind- body, masculine- feminine, light- dark, collective- individual, breath- movement, human spirit- divine, etc.) There is no one answer.

  • Yoga is a very personal practice, not an organized religion, however many find a spiritual connection through Yoga. It’s rooted in ancient sacred texts and influences religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, yet yogic philosophy stands apart from any specific religion.

  • The “why” of yoga is solely for the practitioner to find for themselves. It has the potential to bring our full, authentic selves into what we do for our world. It's practiced through asana (physical posture/seat) combined in flows or more meditative holds and breath regulation. The style Miss Gloria is trained in is called Vinyasa yoga, meaning that you move from one pose to the other in a flow connected to breath.

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