“Affect change by being the change; lead with LOVE.”

      I have forever loved dance and been the curious questioner. At a young age, I would ask questions and find myself getting lost in all the possibilities of why. Being innately connected with music and movement, I feel my most authentic self when I dance. I knew there was a link to divine growth when people got together in celebration, in passion, in sorrow, and moved together. However, as a young person my innate curiosity began to shrink: “You’re annoying!” “Why do you ask so many questions?” I just wanted to know who, what, when, how and why?! I know now that there are better ways to go about asking, there is inappropriate timing, there are certain topics that are private, and certain things that are purposely kept from me. However, I believe that if questions must be rejected, it must be done with more kindness and compassion, and never make one feel ashamed for curiosity. 

      I want to encourage curiosity, while providing guidance for appropriate timing and situations. I want to promote our right to knowledge. Having knowledge helps give us the ability to critically analyze the world around us. Knowledge also creates responsible citizens, which we all have the obligation to be. Leading by example will be how I achieve these goals. Furthermore, leading with love speaks louder than words. This gives me the ability to affect change exactly where it’s needed.

      By using up-to-date research, partnered with my own insights and experiences, I provide my students with crucial experiences to enable them to thrive as complete human beings. I hope to bring into the learning atmosphere the experiences which I believe are priceless: dance, yoga, meditation, gardening, hiking, and various other real-life situations. My expectations for myself and my students are high but fueled with compassion. These expectations focus on having a GROWTH MINDSET and being love-filled humans, lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and effective communicators.